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The idea of the Wizards as Council of Sages is good. Although I do not see them as rulers in the strict definition. I see them more as counselors as you say. Although people should turn to the Wizards for advice on problems they do not know how to solve. As a Council of People's Sages.

In the invasion of the Esmers basically the only that they do is accept the invitation to travel to Planet Zeelich with the promise of greater knowledge. Then they ask for help from the Esmers to prevent the Moon from crashing against Planet Twinsun at the end of the game because they are the ones who are there to do so.

But basically the only ones who do something to solve the problem are Twinsen and Baldino.

I do not see Twinsen as the governor, he does not act as such nor treat him as such. He is the hero of Twinsun.

Funfrock had banned the magic and religion Sendell for fear of the prophecy and because the hero of the prophecy was supposed to be the descendant of a Wizard.

But the idea of the Wizards as an executive council is not bad and they do make decisions or give advice to others on what should be done.

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