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What I suspect is, that Citadel Island is a special no police zone due to the fact Twinsen and his family live there so he can always personally intervene if something is done. And it might also be that normally, there is some sort of police force on the island but due to the storm and then the landing of the Esmers, we don't see any.
Remember that even Citadel Island ends up having Esmer police forces after the storm is over (the bright green guys with dogs everywhere).

There's a few pointers pointing at something here:
- When the Esmers land, they say the storm prevented them from landing from where it IMHO follows that it likely covered the whole planet;
- After they land, they install their guys with dogs as well as their trash can guys everywhere.

Which to me points to a few things:
1. The storm likely covered the whole planet;
2. Police never had a permanent presence everywhere but was most likely dispatched from the central location (Principal Island for the southern hemisphere, I suspect former Fortress Island for the northern, and Hamalayi for the entire planet) in case the civilian watch (I suspect appointed by the locals) was having trouble;
3. The storm prevented the police from dispatching;
4. After the storm, the Esmers took advantage of a complete lack of police in most places to install their own, basically meaning that they occupied Twinsun, even though they were posing as mere visitors - this is further proven by the fact they built their (also military) base in the Temple of Bù (and I suspect also other locations not disclosed in the game);
5. The abduction of the wizards, and later Twinsen's first departure for Zeelich, weekened Twinsen to the point that the Esmers were able to switch from disguised civilian occupation to outright military invasion, which also facilitated the abduction of the children to be used as the bargain chip to force the wizards to cooperate.

So basically, the weather wizard (Bersimon) messed up, which ended up leading to a chain of disastrous events. That is, unless he did not mess up but had an experiment sabotaged by someone who wanted to cause a police vacuum on the whole planet.
And who was in the position to do that? Who was the only wizard to never leave for Zeelich at all? Yep, that's right, the Dean of the School of Magic.
Consider that he had supreme authority over all the wizards, and therefore likely access to each wizards' laboratory and equipment, therefore the means and likely the opportunity to sabotage Bersimon, and that strangely, he was never taken to Zeelich.
Also consider that he is the one who essentially sends Twinsen to Zeelich to investigate the wizards' disappearance, which I suspect might be to distance him from Twinsun to allow the Esmers to invade.

Here is my current hypothesis as to what happened between LBA 1 and LBA 2:
- FunFrock fakes death at the hand of Twinsen and leaves on a secretly built space ship for the Emerald Moon;
- The School of Magic is reformed and I suspect Bersimon becomes Dean, which enrages the guy who is the Dean in LBA 2;
- Mies van der Rooh (the Architect) dies after rebuilding the Citadel Island sewers and allowing Bersimon to seal Sendell's Ball there;
- The future Dean finds some old communications device from FunFrock and manages to repair it, and one day, using it, he accidentally enters contact with FunFrock, not knowing it's FunFrock;
- Esmers arrive onto the Emerald Moon and FunFrock decides to try use them, even abusing their religion for that (claiming he's Dark Monk reincarnate and all);
- FunFrock uses the future Dean's vendetta against Bersimon to make him sabotage Bersimon, first causing Bersimon to lose his status as Dean which he (the future Dean) then gets and finally sabotaging Bersimon's work to cause a massive storm covering the entire planet - the intention is to cause it for just long enough to cause a police vacuum, but still allow Bersimon to eventually disperse it;
- FunFrock tells the Esmers to wait for the storm to be over and then abuse the police vacuum to do a disguised civilian occupation of Twinsun.

There are probably more motives for our Dean's actions, I need to examine more clues given in the game. I suspect our Dean might actually be Mies van der Rooh in disguise, we know from LBA 1 that Mies seemed to work both for and against FunFrock at the same time (so basically, he was a double agent), and his death might have been faked. If that is true, then I can imagine him getting into contact with FunFrock deliberately - he was certainly trusted enough to have access to the Teleportation Center, and possibly elsewhere, and he might have known of FunFrock's plans.
In fact, this brings me to the conclusion that FunFrock deliberately let Twinsen win against him in LBA 1 in order to bring about a much more sinister plan for the destruction of Twinsun, which leads me to believe, given also the fact LBA 3 was always planned, that his actions in the end of LBA 2 were just as deliberate and deceptive as those in the end of LBA 1, which means he might as well return in LBA 3.
In fact, given LBA 3's subtitle, Genesis of the Stellar Entity, makes me think that FunFrock's end plan has always been to prevent said genesis, even if that meant destroying his own planet.

I'm sorry for this extremely long post, but I just had a stream of ideas I wanted to share.
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