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Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
I've made even further research on the subject of Vachey's equipment and here is what I found from an interview:

For LBA 1, I worked with an Atari, loaded with an old sequencer (Pro24) and midi samplers. I can say it's been quite complex with these kind of machines, to obtain what I was searching for. Often, the 24 tracks were full. A long studio session later, I got an approximation of the desired sound. It took too much time to approach the right sound in studio, and for some tracks, I consider today, it's still an approximation.

For LBA 2, I changed my gear, and started with a Mac, Cubase, SampleCell Cards and a couple of samplers. Finally, I had to change less stuff during the mixing session. In any case, I play each line on the keyboard, violins, altos, cellos, etc. I can keep control of everything, and balance note to note, expression to expression, and it becomes easier at the mix (or not!). Well, I'm afraid that's a standard way to work with sequencers.
He's a genius. <3
Bumping this post 'cos... those samples are still so amazing, and while listening to everything again I always notice new details!
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