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Originally Posted by Bot13 View Post
Hi there!

I would argue that for the time they were closer to AAA games, although that's a tricky comparison with today of course. Game dev teams just tended to be smaller back then - and imo actual 'indie' is a concept that came after both LBA titles released. What even constitutes as an indie/AAA game?

What I do know is one of the creators (Didier Chanfray iirc) spoke about a (purely theoretical) LBA3 and mentioned being impressed by a Scandinavian indie studio and them being a good fit (again - theoretically). But I think the main developer Frederick Raynal has mentioned over the years wanting LBA3 to be a higher scope and budget thing, if it ever came about. So, long story short, I have no idea, lol
Thanks for taking the time to respond. Yeah, I had no idea either. Wanted to get you LBA pros opinion first. But as it’s such a cool game I reckon I’m just going to play it anyway!
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