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If you had to be a character from LBA, who would you be?

Who do you most associate with? I'm SURE that someone has asked this question before, they must have done. I searched (using those famously efficient forum search tools) and couldn't find anything.

Personally, I don't know. I've completed LBA1 twice, the first time 14 years ago, when I was 10. I've only played LBA2 through to completion once, when it was first released.

I'm currently enjoying the transition from late summer to autumn to the soundtracks to both games. I have been for almost a week now. In the car, while I'm fishing, whenever.

Which brings me to what, really, is my point. I can't play LBA anymore. I just can't do it. Its innocence and utter charm swell an emotion more of a ten year old boy, than of the twenty four year old man I am now. It quite literally floods me with something which when combined with the reality of the world, almost induces tears.

I thought that perhaps provoking the childish question 'who would I be if I were a Twinsunian' might motivate me to play the game. But no. Its memory is more beautiful than the game itself could ever be.

I have, however, always had a soft spot for the old rabbibunny sitting at the entrance to the Temple of Bu. I suppose we'd all be Twinsen, wouldn't we? But the old man's calm, his isolation, make him, I think, my choice.
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