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German voice patch for LBA 2

I present to you a patch for the German voice files of LBA 2 that fixes two crucially misplaced soundbytes:

1. When you ask Baldino about a locked door on Emerald Moon, he would say:
Die Tür ist blockiert.
When Baldino approaches you about crash-landing on Zeelich, he would say:
Wir müssen sie irgendwie aufbekommen. ... Twinsen, ich habe das Raumschiff beim Landen beschädigt. Ich brauche etwas Zeit, um es zu reparieren. [etc]
The out of place line "Wir müssen sie irgendwie aufbekommen" has been moved from its Otringal location to the end of Baldino's quote from Emerald Moon (where it belongs according to the game's text files)

2. The audio for the first part of the prophecy of Zeelich has been reordered to properly match the order presented in the text (previously, the first two paragraphs where switched around)

Download here. Unzip into the VOX folder of LBA2 (be sure to select "keep voices on hard disk" in the setup program)

Could a moderator please add this to the Troubleshooting guide?
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