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If this one company thingy did happen, I think that little groups of rebels will form, then try and overthrow the company, claiming it for themselves. We could see a world like Deus Ex, or look at it this way, The machines in the matrix could be the big company, and the rebels, the rebels. I have to agree with Darkflame here, what he says seems very likely (in my eyes anyway)
Actualy, you make it sound exciting enough to be worth the sacrifice

Am I the only one who thinks Wavebirds are stupid? Seriously, "lack of wires" it not a good enough reason to have to replace expensive batteries :|
Once you have gone wireless there is no going back.
Its hard to describe how much better they feel, especialy in mutiplayer games.

As for battarys, as Panda says, rechageables are a must.

Next generation though, Nintendo will almost certainly go wireless-as-standard.
And with that, they should have the ability to "dock" the pads on the main machine and thus have inbuilt lithem battarys when not in use.

This, naturely, will give them the power to have rubble pack too

but Nintendo didn't invent wireless technology either
No, but they applied it to a controller in a way that works.

Sony didnt invent the WebCam either (which is what an EyeToy is), they went even the first to make software that used camera controll...but they did apply it for consoles.

So while Nintendo hasnt invented wireless as such, they have applied it, together with other technologys, to consoles.
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