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Paper Mario 2 is fantastic, be sure to play Mario & Lugias Super Star Saga on the GBA though, thats even better

When the revolution comes out I'll have to download Paper Mario 1 and Mario RPG.
Golden Sun 2. I find it funnier and more enjoyable than #1. I think because #1 was more RPG cliche than #2 and because the sequel has some very funny references.
The gameplay is also better finaly on the sequal
Yes, I prefered the sequal too...the first was like a refinement of FinalFantasy with bits of pokemon chucked in. But the sequal extends as more original, and with better charecterisations.

ps. Completed your FF games now ^_^

Me play:

#1. Still playing Ocarina of Time:Master Quest.
Bloody fantastic.
Bloody hard.

#2. Borrowed Metroid Prime 2 off a friend, great atmosphere so far, and the "pace" of the game seems better then the first.
Not really enough "wow" moments yet though.

#3. Tetris DX emulated on my DS
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