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Originally Posted by Jesse View Post
Do you reckon Vachey also used a producer to get his sound like that? could that be the reason why after lba1 and 2 we didn't get to hear more cool stuff from him from that quality? I could never figure how he didn't produce more stuff like that if you are that good. Honestly I do not know of a better game soundtrack.
I've read every interview I could find of Vachey during all these years, and never heard a word about a "producer". Nor is any producer mentioned in the credits of the game. So I honestly have no idea what you are talking about...

But regarding why he never made such music anymore the answer can be simple: the same reason why there isn't any other game like LBA anymore. I am sure that if he had a cool project like that to work on again, he would compose great stuff. But, there wasn't.

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