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Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
LOL! Some of the best sounding music records of the world were produced before 1994. Don't underestimate $10.000 gear - yes your fancy $50 2 input USB audio interface is more advanced technology than what they had back then, but we're talking about REAL quality hardware here, analog stuff can be extremely good sounding (and often better sounding than digital - specially the "cheap, home user" digital stuff). Not everything is the same, boutique items exist for a reason. Audiophiles exist for a reason.

Mastering and mixing goes way further than just adjusting volume levels. It will make your music pump and breath alive or just sigh out of boredom. Your tracks can just be loud... or they can be dynamic. Personally I fiddle a lot more with post-processing of sounds than articulation of samples, it's more gratifying.
I meant that mastering is often confused with mixing, I always thought the mastering side is supposed to be gentle, most of the work is done in the mixing side of things.

Do you really think the reason why lba sounds so good is because of postprocessing? Because in this case we do talk about lbas music which originated from digital sample libraries. So not sure why you are bringing up analoge vs digital and usb interfaces. Or do you mean that they used an analogue mixer vs in the box ?

I kinda lean more to that its not the exceptional soundquality but rather the performance of the music that suprises me considering that its all coming from samples.
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