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Well what we do have today for a few thousand bucks in vsts or hundreds of dollars would have costs millions of cash in 1994.

You know I once tried to mimick the old burg track but my pizzicatos were sounding crap. So I sent a sample of it along with the original to projectsam (the provider of the library). Turns out the samples had bad timing, but they also commented that the lba ones in the old burg dont sound real at all and that it sounds kinda synthy.

However....if thats true....gimme those samples ! Lol
Originally Posted by SpaceGuitarist View Post
I said that because of this thing you said: "Speaking off.. that studio he used...that's in 1994. Homestudio's now have state of the art stuff that's supposably just as good as what they then." I strongly disagree a millionaire's studio could be compared to a common person's homestudio, just because of 10, 20 years advance in technology.

Of course LBA music sounds great because they are great compositions, with great samples (and I don't think he spent much time tweaking it)... but, the mixing/mastering is also flawless which makes them so attractive to our ears.
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