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Originally Posted by kuschkusch View Post
There's a problem: only the installation music is MIDI, the rest is WAVE. I don't think anyone heard all the correct tones and transformed it into MIDI. And no software can transform a song with more than two instruments correctly, I've already tried. We need the notes, I can see no other way.
Indeed, there is no midi file for most of the tunes. But if you were to play LBA2's Theme song, there is are many midi versions transcribed (I have it with me I can send it to you if you want). Also, most of LBA1 songs were made in xmidi, a format very similar to midi.

But for these specific LBA2 songs, I guess the only solution is to gather all the musicians, and each take out by ear his own part only, and soon you'll have the whole melody.

PS: Mr.Vachey has indeed composed the songs using software(s), but remember, it was back in 1997, I don't think it would be viable to work with nowadays softwares, except if it was done using multi-platform extensions, such as IT, MOD, MIDI, XM, S3M etc.
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