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Well, I tried to change the sound font that Timidity uses, and the result pleases me when I just play a MIDI file with timidity via the command line, works fine. DosBox also uses Timidity, for example when I run the program XMIPLAY in DosBox on one of the XMI files extracted from MIDI_MI.HQR, it also uses the improved sound font from Timidity.

The problem is: LBA itself is not using the Timidity server! When I start LBA in DosBox, it still uses the crappy standard timidity sound font, and looking into my Pulse Audio Volume Control window, the sound doesn't come from the Timidity plugin (like it does when I use XMIPLAY in DosBox) but the standard ALSA plugin that DosBox uses. How do I tell LBA to use Timidity? How does that even work? I guess it requires fidgiting around with the sound card settings (Setup.exe / lba.cfg + the sound card that is emulated by DosBox?).

Edit: figured it out. I used setup.exe to use a MIDI device instead of a Sound Blaster Pro (I use Wave Blaster) and it uses the Timidity sound font. I will make a video about the differences in music quality.

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