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Length: Unknown
Type: Alternate finish

ReverseTrip Challenge

Status: Unconfirmed

Description: Try to finish the game by going on a spacetrip from the Esmer base and get back, before you go on the trip from the Hacienda.

Normally you would go to and return from Zeelich by the Hacienda trip, and then return to Zeelich by going on a spaceship from the Esmer base. The other way around, if it were possible, might mean certain things you do can be done only afterwards, changing the order of chronology.

Required for:

  • No effective continuation is found after a certain point yet.
  • After you crash-land on Otringal with Baldino, if that is your first visit, the trigger to be captured and the assignment of stealing a shuttle will be removed by the game.
  • The game thinks you're visiting Zeelich for the second time after the crash-land, and either the stealable shuttle will be gone or you won't find Joe the Elf in the tunnel where you'd normally get captured.
  • Getting hold of an itinerary token from elsewhere is therefore useless.
  • Even if this were somehow possible, the Hacienda trip wont be available after you crash-land back on Twinsun, as the esmer take-over will probably remove the Esmer that invites you to Zeelich aswell, just like the Weather Wizard is removed in the FullZeelichB4Storm Challenge.
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