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It's because HQR files don't keep the file names inside them. In order to see the names in Architect you have to create a HQD file (HQR Description) with the same name as your HQR file and keep it together with the HQR file. For description on HQD file construction see the file HQD specification.txt file in the /help/technical directory in the LBArchitect package (it exists there in beta 6, I remember I forgot to include it for some previous betas). And you can see the HQD files in the /fileinfo directory for examples of the HQD files (files there are for the original LBA HQRs and yes, it will also work if you put your HQD file there, but it's less 'safe' - Architect may in some situations confuse your HQD file with HQD for an original LBA file).

And by this message you gave me idea for an option in Designer to automatically generate HQD files for HQRs based on the Scenario descriptions.
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