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Principal Island, Overview


Size: Large
Type: Green
Transportation: Ferry from Citadel Island, or Personal craft


Welcome to Principal Island.

Principal Island is, perhaps, the most populated island in all of Twinsun. Being the second largest island on the Sorthern Hemisphere (White Leaf Desert being the first), Principal Island is a hub of constant activity. Because of it's size and population, Funfrock chose Principal Island to build his headquarters on. Funfrock also built a training ground for his military on the outskirts of town. Additionally, the island has a very extensive library, which houses hundreds upon hundreds of books on just about every subject imaginable. The Old Burg, a multi-leveled city, is home to many peculiar, but nonetheless helpful, inhabitants. During Funfrock's rule, the Old Burg was held in a dangerously strict police state, which caused much resentment within the populace.

If one desires peaceful surroundings, Peg-Leg Street, Port-Belooga, and the Ruins, all lie on the waterfront where one may spend the day gossiping, fishing, or digging among rocks.


Twinsen often used Principal Island as a go-between for many of his quests. He was able to find several points of valuable information as he slowly won over the hearts and minds of the residents of the Old Burg. He was also able to learn significantly more about The Forbidden Legend and his role he played in it.

Old Burg
Funfrock's Headquarters



Repairing mistakes

Proxima: Sewers: Ferry Street

It says, "..he will escaped to the sewers ..." but there should be no "d" in "escaped". Just "escape".

Proxima: Maritime Museum

It says, "Twinsen then throws the switch that the technitian (grobo)..." but "technician" is spelled with a "c", not a second "t".
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