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Citadel Island overview


Welcome to Citadel Island
Captain of the Ferry
Good day. You need a boarding ticket to go to Citadel Island.

Citadel Island, the home of Twinsun's hero, Twinsen, is the sister island of Proxima. Citadel has a relatively large population, though it is little compared to the likes of Principal Island. During the times of Funfrock's rule, the Citadel loomed over the island's only city, Lupin-Burg. When Funfrock was dethroned the Citadel, and all remnants of his empire, were destroyed. However, the ruins of the giant prison still exist today. The largely mysterious, but benign, Island of the Dome of the Slate erupts out of the water not far from the shores of Citadel Island. And if one wishes to, they may seek adventure in the cavernous cliffs of Citadel's highlands. Conversely, many a grobo has been seen, lazing about the beachhead on the opposite end of the island, getting a tan.


Citadel Island is Twinsen's home, and as such, he began both of his adventures here. Whether he was dismantling clones under Funfrock's rule, or avoiding the Zeelichian military, Twinsen's presence on Citadel Island was widely seen. His triumphs on Citadel Island included (what are not limited to) the unearthing of Sendell's ball, accessing the hidden room of the Heir beneath his former home, and disposing of the terrible Tralu, who none were sure existed until it was defeated.

All of his accomplishments on Citadel are covered in the individual articles of this catagory.

Island of the Dome of the Slate
Beach Headland


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