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Well.. the account was too small anyway.
Right now I would need like 150 to 200 MB of webspace for the Twinsunica. If I had a serious website other than "just" a hobby like the Twinsunica I would buy some 500 MB or so hosting, but right now that would be a rather waste imo.
In a few months I might have a server at the university with plenty space, but that's actually completely unsure yet.
I could perfectly host the site at home ( but with my current 128 kbps upload, that sucks for everybody. If I had like 1 mbps upload I would most likely do that.

So, there's not a real nice lasting solution for the Twinsunica at the moment. I'm sorry, there's not much I can do about it.

CF: well shave me armpits and call me Lucy, but it keeps saying my postal code is invalid. Appearently it has to be a French postal code? Or am I subscribing to the wrong service?
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