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Originally Posted by LilyRose View Post
Ok when I was little there was this game for maths science and English with a dinosaur that had a owl as a guide . The dinosaur had to make his way through the levels solving puzzles and answering questions in order to get through to the next level. There where different coloured crystals that asked different questions. The Dino also had a jet pack in one of the levels that only lasted for a short period of time. This game was really good and it's driving me nuts trying to remember the name of it! Anyone have any ideas?? Many thanks

Pretty sure it's fun school 7 by Europress. I had it. The dino was the star of the series of games and the 7th one was based in space. It came with a "big bonus " cd which to be honest I spent more time on - had demos of other Europress software. I couldn't find any screenshots of the game online so looks like sadly it's faded into obscurity, much like Europress.
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