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At the end of 1994 Frederick Raynal and his team at Adeline Software released Little Big Adventure, a unique action/adventure game. Over the years it became increasingly more difficult to get a hold on a copy of LBA. And eventually only an occasional second hand copy could be found.

Now 17 years after the initial release, re-releases the game for the world to re-experience the wonderful world of Little Big Adventure.
For a mere $5,99 you can buy a digital copy of Little Big Adventure at This release has been fixed to work properly on modern systems. It contains full text and speech for English, French and German; and text-only for Italian and spanish. It's also free from any pesky DRM. So spread the word an let others experience what they have been missing out on.

Note: this is not a joke (unlike last time)

Important! For some reason the links do not work when you're on the front page. Please go to the forum thread first, and then click the link.
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