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I agree that it's fantastic. I'm also curious to see what exactly the toiler paper uprising will look like.

By the way my brother got the molecular sensor as a Kickstarter backer (for $200) and yes it really works. We tested it on several food products and it always matched the correct values as said on the product's nutrition values. You just point it at whatever and it tells you fat percentage and such things. There's an app center for it where developers can make and publish apps that can assist you with anything molecule-related.

It's crazy! I mean, it's difficult to grasp the fact I'm holding such a device in my hand. One minute it's crazy sci-fi, the next minute I'm actually holding it. It's surreal. Not nearly as surreal as me talking to you right now by tapping those little flat stones on a plate that communicates to this crazy machine that is infrastructured on the entire planet, but we've already gotten used to that 20 years ago haven't we?

We get used to things so fast we tend to forget the fact that they weren't there yesterday. And in turn the fact that what's impossible now will be trivial tomorrow.
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