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Grobos -- Body Anatomy

Probably the easiest species to pinpoint.
  • Head : What shape? How should the jaw look? Should there be a jaw at all?
  • Eyes : How big should they be? What shape? Eyelids? Brows? Should there be a dip under and above the eyes, as with humans?
  • Mouth : Should it have lips? If so, what structure should they have? Tusks in some but not in others?
  • Hands : How many fingers? What about the joints? Do we want to adopt a human skeleton for this part?
  • Feet : In case we show anybody barefoot, how would the feet look like?

Game Designs:

Designs by Forum Members: (Cloneguy) (Angry Monkey - Rendering) (Luke) (Luke)

At the end of the thread we should come up with a clear consensus that will dictate how future concepts/models are rendered.

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