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Exclamation The Encyclopedia Twinsunica is BACK!

Yes, this is true... After more than 3 years of no sign of life from the project, your favorite (and only) Little Big Adventure encyclopedia is finally back! Behold the new URL:


So what has been going on?
As you probably know already, since September 2003, the project walked on the fine line between dead and deceased... Since the death of the account, the administration page was not available, making update impossible. In October last year, wacko has created a new Twinsunica site, using the MediaWiki software. But since he asked people not to start filling it up yet, this meant no real news.

In July this year, I asked wacko for a permission to fill up the project manually. After he agreed, and ever since, I have been working like crazy in order to fill up the database. This took me more than 4 months to work on, and I can say I'm very satisfied with the results. Even though I haven't announced anything, this wasn't entirely a secret, as the link was available all the time... But either no one noticed it, or they just didn't want to spoil the surprise .

What's new?
More or less everything... except for the contents of course. But that is up to you now .

The current MediaWiki site is quite different from the old site, on several aspects:
  • Anyone can edit. The number one and most basic feature of MediaWiki. From now on, anyone can edit any page he wishes, and make any changes to it. Those of you who are not yet familiar with MediaWiki probably ask yourself now- "but what if someone wishes to vandalize the database?". Well, there is one easy solution for that; when you make an edit to a page, the older version is not deleted completely, but rather saved in the archive. With one click, you can easily roll back an article to its previous version, making vandalism pointless. Also note that I have moderating powers there, so, not only can I roll back your edits, I can also block certain IP addresses from editing. So, work wisely .
  • The hierarchical structure used in the old site no longer exists. That means that browsing the database is now different (and maybe also harder). In order to find an article, you now have to search for it, using the Search bar at the left of the screen. If there is an article with the exact match as you wrote, you will be redirected to it automatically. Additionally, MediaWiki has a redirection feature, that enables a redirection from one article to another. So, for example, if you search for "Baldino", you will be redirected to the "Jerome Baldino" article.

    Important note: Searching does not currently work! This means that you have to search for an exact match in order to find your article. We couldn't find a solution for this weird problem, but we hope this will be fixed soon.
  • Discussion pages available. All pages in MediaWiki have corresponding discussion pages, enabling to talk about the article. You can use them to comment about the article, ask any questions, etc.

    Also note that this forum is still available for discussion. In short, if you have questions or comments about a specific article, post in its discussion page. If you have a general comment about something, or you wish to start a poll, the forum is the right place.
  • A few changes in the articles' layout:
    (See also this page)

    * Stats section is no longer in use; instead, we now have "infoboxes", to display the general information in a more elegant way. See this for additional information.

    * "Related to" section is no longer in use; with the magic of MediaWiki, we can now add internal links very quickly, by simply putting [[ and ]] around the text. Therefore, this section is no longer needed.

    * Authors section is no longer in use; as the wiki engine enables everyone to edit anything, this just doesn't seem relevant any more. If you wrote something and want recognition for it, you can say in the article's talk page something like "I just added the section about [blah blah blah]...".

Where to start?
1. First of all, PLEASE register. Editing done by guests are more frowned upon, and by registering you ensure that we know who the editor is, and trust the changes he/she made. In the future we might also disable edits made by unregistered users, which should give you another reason to register.

2. If you are not yet familiar with the little miracle called MediaWiki, or just not very used to it, I suggest you start with the Help pages. They give answers to most of the things you need to know about how to use the software, as well some additional information about the Twinsunica.

3. Check out the Current events page; this page lists all job requirements for the Twinsunica, if you wish to help the project.

4. Browse away .

"Can I help?"
Of course! Check out the Current events page, to see how you can help out with the project.

Useful links

And if I may finish with an optimistic note:
Thanks a lot in advance. This project can't exist without you, so it's depending on you
Have fun reading and editing!
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