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Originally posted by Anakin

Lba1's programming IS simple! even i can tell!
How can you tell?
Just because the graphics are dated does not mean it was simple to make.
To start with you have a 3D engine for the charecters, made compleatly from stratch.
No 3D cards, or pre made libarys to help you.
It took me a good 2 weeks just to work out the mathmatics needed on paper for a wireframe engine.
Then you got to work out shading, texturing, and a method to work out the "order" of objects so you know what vertaces go behind witch other ones.
You got to do all this with code effiently enough to run on machines 7 years old.
You then need to have these 3D shapes overlade on an isometrix scrolling engine. You need to make sure the isometrix landscape is loaded for each area transition.
You then need to work out a collision detection system between the 3D objects and the isometrix tiles.
And then you got the story coding, getting everything animated, and then get it too work on all the major combinations of hardware!
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