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Warcraft III map.

Hey everyone,

I'm currently working on a map for WC3 based on the Southern Hemisphere of Twinsun. Problem is, the editor won't allow people to make huge maps. Only large ones. So I won't be able to fit all the islands in. Citadel is obviously a must. I mean... it's not LBA without Citadel Island. But, which others would you like to see? I probably have enough room to make 2 more.

- Principal
- Proxima
- Rebellion
- White Leaf Desert

Each has their own little problems with them. For example, Rebellion, and to a lesser degree, Proxima, would have parts made by me that are obviously not in the game. (Rebellion would probably be reconstructed, or what not)

Principal wouldn't be too difficult and I'm kind of expecting to do that one anyway.

White Leaf wouldn't look much like the real thing at all because the tileset I have to use doesn't have anything that resembles sand at all.

Tell me what you think and if you're interested I'll see if El will host it on the site.
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