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Proxima Island Overview


Citadel's sister island, Proxima, is keeper of many great artifacts as well as the latest innovations of technology. Built upon this island are two, of the three, runic stones of ages past. The Marked Stone, whose password is "BURBS", and the Eclipse Stone, whose password is "GIZMO", lie upon the northern and southern penninsulas, respectively.

Most of the local residents live peacefully on Proxima, but there are still those who require corrective measures. For criminals against the State there is a small detainment area, but you may also be placed under house arrest, as seen in Jerome Baldino's neighbor.


Twinsen comes and goes from Proxima many times throughout the game. While he gets little use of his weapondry, his intellegence is put to the test in order to obtain the many items here.

Marked Stone
Eclipse Stone



(Didn't have links for the Stones, so I couldn't add links. Sorry. )
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