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Welcome to Proxim-City (Proxima Island).
Hey, you look familiar! I just came back from an infiltration mission in Proxim-City and I saw your mug on quite a few wanted posters.

Proxim-City, in contrast to Lupin-Burg, has a small harbour hardly big enough for one boat, let alone two. Much of the city is partitioned into sections, divided by stone walls and iron gates. Construction is still on-going towards the western end of the city with hopes to incorporate all residencies into the popular burg fashion, as seen on Principal Island.

While here, be sure to visit the local inventor, Jerome Baldino, as he seeks to perfect his protopack. Or, if you're looking to brush up a bit on your marine history, stop by the Maritime Museum for a satisfying lesson.


Here, in Proxim-City, Twinsen will meet up with a traveling salesman, who he can meet previously on Principal Island, selling hair dryers. Buying one will ensure Twinsen of obtaining the protopack from Jerome Baldino, as it is the rheostat he needs to control the device.

Additionally, if Twinsen follows the precise directions given to him to find LeBorgne's treasure, he can obtain a coffee pot, from a sphero. This belongs to Lanktir, a grobo living next to the bazaar in Proxim-City, and once it is returned to him he will give Twinsen a guide to finding the remaining clovers and clover boxes.


While Proxim-City seems like a nice, small, city with barely any trouble, it appears too quiet for comfort. As seen in the second quote, many questions emerge as many of us begin to wonder about what that "infiltration mission" really was all about. The island, at whole, is largely left unmapped in the games, leaving lots of room for interesting and new developments. Because of the unanswered questions about Proxim-City and the rest of the island, the brain is allowed to cast a shadow over the land and wonder what sort of back-alley dealings are going on. Those that one might find happening within the Old Burg.

Jerome Baldino's Residence
Maritime Museum
Hair Dryer
Coffee Pot


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"I can't believe it! There are two of 'em in this cell! Open the doors! I'm gonna put the funny one in his own cell." - Security guard on Otringal

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