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Proxim-City: Sewers: Ferry Street


L.B.A. Proxim-City sewer service Ferry Street

The underground of Proxim-City is quite devious indeed. Teaming with ravenous snakes, slinking through the sludge, the sewers running under Ferry Street offer nearly safe passage from the Maritime Museum, all the way to the southern side of the detention center. It serves as a valuable conduit when pilfering the required items from the Maritime Museum.


If Twinsen is ever captured while on Proxima Island, he will escaped to the sewers by walking over to the ventilation duct in his holding cell and pressing ACTION. Once down there, traversing the perilous sewers can be tricky if one decides to stay on the high ground. Sometimes it's easier just to take the fall and climb up a nearby ladder.

The three center elevators will take Twinsen up into the prison. The elevator furthest to the north will take him up into the Maritime Museum, the furthest to the south will take him just beyond the prison, near the docks. Snakes are neary everywhere so it is almost impossible to avoid all of them.

Maritime Museum


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