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Proxim-City: Maritime Museum


Maritime Museum (Proxima Island)
Ticket Dealer
Maritime Museum, rates: Children ... 3 Kashes Adults ... 5 Kashes.
Then you should go visit the Maritime Museum on Proxima island.
That name sounds familiar. Go visit the Maritime Museum, I think that they have two objects that belonged to LeBorgne.

As the name suggests, this large building holds many treasures and relics from the high seas. Along side the artifacts is the most sophisticated weight sensitive security system. Placed under all the wooden planks, the system immediately summons a Super-Grobo clone once any weight is detected.

The exhibits are as follows:
- A pirate flag belonging to Captain LeBorgne
- A statue of a mermaid
- A pre-modern vessel which looks much like a basket
- A barrel apparently used in shipment or storage
- A modern day raft/inflatable lifeboat
- A cannon
- A stuffed shark
- A wheel
- An anchor
- A propellor
- Captain LeBorgne's treasure
- Three pictures of sailboats
- One picture of an unknown crustacean


The Maritime Museum is a place that requires a lot of preperation before the actual "attack". First, Twinsen must have obtained the Red Card from Baldino's neighbor AND the Proto-pack from Baldino himself. Once this is done, Twinsen should enter the backdoor using his Red Card and proceed to go down into the sewers beneath Ferry Street.

Once there, Twinsen needs to move through the sewers to the nearest elevator that will take him up into the prison. Twinsen then throws the switch that the technitian (grobo) is working on to evacuate the museum. Going back underground again, he moves back to the north and re-enters the museum while the alarm is on. using his Proto-pack, Twinsen carefully avoids all of the wooden planks AND robotic guards patrolling the interior. He can, however, land on the tan, tiled surfaces surrounding each of the exhibits. Twinsen takes LeBornge's flag and the Key from LeBorgne's treasure before escaping back into the sewers.


There is one unmarked wall, behind the cannon, next to the picture of the unknown crustacean. If Twinsen moves up to it and does the ACTION command, he will push against it revealing a secret passage way that leads to the roof of the Maritime Museum. Up there he can talk to a rabbibunny who will banter quickly about a storm, and then give Twinsen several clovers.

Ferry Street
Red Magnetic Card
Key to the Heir's room
Pirate Flag



(Correction for "Rebel camp". I accidentally typed "based" when it should be just "base". Thanks.)
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