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Overview of White Leaf Desert


You are at the harbor (Island of the White Leaf Desert).
This ticket allows you to travel aboard the ferry which links Citadel Island and White Leaf Desert Island.

The Island of the White Leaf Desert is the largest of all islands in the Southern Hemisphere, and is just recently being populated. Port-Ludo, the only established city on the island, comfortably houses a small populace, while offering beach front property for miles around. During Funfrock's tyrany, the White Leaf Desert probably suffered the least out of all the lands. Considered a dry waste land at the southern most pole, Funfrock only positioned sparatic forces along the coast, as to keep dissidents from defecting into the wilds. But soon after his fall, and as the story of Twinsen unfolded, people began to come in troves to investigate the Temple of Bu.

In addition to the temple, there is a superb race-track for those with a thirst for speed. However, if slower, more relaxed pace, is preferred, then a trip to the spas of the Hacienda are a must. Finally, Bald Mountain, the highest point on the island, once housed a secret base used by the esmers during their brief control of the planet.


During his adventures on Twinsun, Twinsen spent a great deal of time in the dry sands of the White Leaf Desert. Solving the mysteries of the Temple of Bu, and weeding out the esmers were just some of his exploits underground. He also located the venerable School of Magic, hidden within the cemetary.

Temple of Bu
School of Magic
Race Track


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