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Oops. I wasn't aware that there was standards for the types of islands. I guess there should be. Anyway, I put "populated" and such to show that they were above ground, and this was the state they were in. IE: Rebellion is in a state of war, therefore it's type was "War Zone". Brundle is mostly just the teleportation center, therefore it's type was "Fortified". I mean, most of us can assume that all the islands on Twinsun are Green except for the Hamilayi, and Polar. And perhaps Tippett if you want to argue that most of it is underground. (Disco music plays as the sign for Funky Town goes by)

Plus, my basis for the statistics was The Elevator platform to the Under-Gas. It says "other" under type, so I figured I could do whatever. But now I know, thanks. I corrected all the mistakes.
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