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Cave of the Incandescent Pearl and Island across from the Hacienda

Cave of the Pearl of Incandescent


Unknown (Grand Rector of the School of Magic or Bersimon, the Weather Wizard, maybe?)
There is a giant clam which lives in a marine cave in the cliffs, near Port-Ludo. This creature is host to the pearl of incandescence.
Master, I found a strange pearl in a cave, not far from Port-Ludo.

Towards the southern end of the Island of the White Leaf Desert lies a cavern opening only accessible by Moya, the giant sea turtle. Inside there lies a giant clam which is the keeper of the Pearl of Incandesence. These pearls, highly valued by wizards, contain magical properties usable in many spells.


Twinsen, with the help of Moya, found the this cave and the pearl within, during the esmer control of Twinsun. It played a crucial role in finishing the Ring of Lightning and freeing Sendell's Ball from it's holding place.

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Pearl of Incandesence
Ring of Lightning
Sendell's Ball



Island across from the Hacienda


Size: Tiny
Type: Grass
Transportation: Dino-Fly Only


The island across from the Hacienda.
I am going to tell you a little secret: a wizard told me that he might have hidden a protective spell on the island across from the Hacienda.

The island across from the Hacienda del Monte-Pelado is something the untrained eye might calmly look over or take for granted. However, there is a hidden inlet containing the opening to a dark, flooded, cave. Inside, it has been said, was the remnants of an ancient temple. Additionally, it had been protected by guardians, and was once the holding place for a protection spell.


Twinsen, upon discovering the cave from the telescope onto of the Hacienda, sought to investigate the hidden cave. Using his Proto-Pack to get inside, he soon encountered the dreadful undead. However, valiant as he is, he fought his way into the inner most sanctum of the cave to find the protection spell being closely guarded by, perhaps, the most hideous beast on Twinsun (next to Funfrock, of course). This beast, whom noone has been able to identify, fought with Twinsen, but fell before the feet of our hero. Twinsen, then, was able to take hold of the protection spell, and escape back to Desert Island.


Being so close to the Temple of Bu, one could speculate that this cave, and the artifacts inside, once was a part of the illustrious Temple. Perhaps severed by an earthquake or just the eventual decay of land by the sea, we'll never know.

Protection spell
(Unknown Beast?)




-On the overview of Citadel it says:

"(what are not limited to) "

"what" should be "but"

-And on the Johnny Rocket page, it's spelled like "Johny" all over the place. I dunno if that's how it's supposed to be, or what. Just thought I'd let you know.
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