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Posts: 14,979 was a 13 year old girl doing at a party like that? Seriously, I hadn't been to anything remotely like that until 15 years old, and they were simple make-out parties, not "orgys".

I feel sorry on one hand, for her baby, and I feel sorry that she was so young and lost her innocence, but I don't feel sorry because she was stupid, because 1.) In today's modern society 13 year olds should not be getting drunk and at parties like that and 2.) She knew what could happen, she even joked about sex before the party started. And rape is a terrible crime, but imho, the abortion would have been just as much if not a worse crime.

I hope that at the very least people learn from this, don't get involved with sex until you actually understand what sex is, and your old enough to make competant decisions. And don't drink until your of age, because this is what happens.
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