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Well, its interesting because the owners of the website mentioned as well that the four guys crowding around her was an indication of rape (read one of the last paragraphs from the commentary sections beneath). I read many stories from that website, and what I disagree with most of what the owners say, is that they give the victims and sexual intercourse allthogether, too much credit. I disagree with them when they say that it was not the girls fault. She, out of all the people made and accepted that choice. Being 13, is actually, an age mature enough to make you realise your own actions.

Well, I myself considered the realism of this story, and I do believe it to be true. But even if it is not, I still think that much can be learned from it.

P.S. I don't understand why they didn't file an abortion against the child. Consequently, it would be bound to die since the mother carrying HIV also passes the virus to her child. The baby dies either way.
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