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It usually takes about 15 years for AIDS to appear, but because it said that she was tested with HIV this early, I got the feeling the virus would spread very quickly.

Firephoenix, you know how HIV works? You studied it right? It doesn't actually kill you, it just destroys your white blood cells (T-cells). The sicknesses that people die of as a result of HIV are very very gruesome. I side with you on letting a person live for a short period of time over not living at all, but its the type of death that makes me consider.

I do not really care much if the story is false or not, but the girl did mention in the beggining that there was hell of a lot of people there. Besides, we don't know much anyway. And nontheless, it shouldn't matter, because lik FP said, this stuff happens very often.

Wacko: I find it believable in a place like the Netherlands where education can display parts of character, but here in USA, the most likely people to have sex at an early age and attend inappropriate parties would be wealthy, spoiled kids that attend private schools. You also won't believe some of the other uncomfortable facts I discovered during the modern Holland (mid 70s).
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