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Island Of The Celebration


Size: small
Type: volcanic
Transportation : The captain's Leontine (10 kashes) from Otringal, or the taxi (5 kashes) from Otringal and Francos Island


Celebration Island.
I do know a dude who came back. These days, he sells souvenirs on Celebration Island. Might be able to take you to him.... Oh well, for you, it's a freebie! Welcome aboard Leontine, my cab!!
To reach the elevator, you need a powerful weapon. Here, this is a pistolaser of Zarnon. But you will have to find a crystal to make it work. There are some on the side of the volcano of the celebration.

The Island Of The Celebration is a volcanic island. There is a volcano right in the middle of it. This is where Dark Monk emerges at the end of the game. Behind it is a gigantic crystal guarded by a gas monster that Twinsen took using his pick-ax to get a piece of it to operate his pisto laser.


Island below the Island of the Celebration
Dark Monk's Temple
Dark Monk's Statue
Dark Monk


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Also once I can remember LW editing my article and taking the "u"'s out of words that I'd written

You know, like "humour", "colour"

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