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Otringal: Prison



I've had it with these Zeelichians!! They're totally nuts. Cops combing the streets, Cops everywhere, soon as we do a little something the wrong way, they jump all over us! I'm getting fed up with this conditional freedom!

I can't believe it! There are two of them in this cell! Open the doors, I am going to put the funny one in his own cell!!
Joan Loumin:

Thank you for having freed me. I am a dissident of the government. The emperor and Dark Monk, our reincarnated God, manipulate the people of Zeelich. They lie continually. But let's not waste any time. If you want to get out of here, don't take the main entrance, it is being watched by soldiers.

Dwarfing the Citadel by technological standards, the prison on Otringal is designed to hold criminals of all ranges. If, in the even of a break out, the doors are sealed by beams powerful enough to kill. The control room/main enterance at the front of the building is always sealed off from the prisoners. There is an exit at the rear of the building, but that is guarded by a military walker making escape much less likely, if they make it that far.


After being jumped at the nearby astroport, Twinsen awoke in the prison. Joe, having been captured as well, was able to teleport into Twinsen's cell to tell him of the Esmer's betrayal. A policeman ordered their door to be opened so he could return Joe to his own cell, but this allowed Twinsen to escape.

Twinsen also freed the other prisoner who was kept there as well, the mosquibee dissident Joan Loumin, who told him about the other dissidents as well. Upon escaping out the rear exit, Twinsen was able to short circut the patrolling walker and blast a hole through the fence to the lower city of Otringal.


Joan Loumin
Lower City


"Hmmm... Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe both... Might be able to tell you something about it... expensive, though... maybe 100 Zlitos... and maybe 'cause it's you." - Eccentric Captain of the Leontine

"I can't believe it! There are two of 'em in this cell! Open the doors! I'm gonna put the funny one in his own cell." - Security guard on Otringal
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