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Otringal: Crash Site


Jerome Baldino:

Twinsen, I damaged the vessel during landing. I need some time for repairs. The Zeelichian fuel is called gazogem, it's very powerful. You should go get some.

Just off of Otringal proper are various spires that emerge from the Undergas. Among these, is a larger portion that is too small to be it's own island. Uninhabited, it was here that Baldino and Twinsen crash landed on their way from the Emerald Moon to Zeelich. Connected to both the Lower City and the Harbour, the crash site is an excellent go between to avoid the tenacious guards of the upper levels.


Twinsen and Jerome Baldino landed here less-than-gracefully and damaged their spaceship. Because of this, they were stuck on Zeelich until Baldino could return the ship to operational status. On a errand for Baldino, Twinsen retrieved the Zeelichian fuel, gazogem. Baldino was then able to upgrade Twinsen's protopack to the super jet-pack. Upon completion of repairs, Baldino played an essential role in the success of Twinsen's victory.

Jerome Baldino
Lower City
Can of gazogem
Super Jet-pack


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