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Village of the Mosquibees



You are at the village of the Mosquibees.
Plaque inside temple at Celebration Island:

The race of the Mosquibees lives in the under-gas. Their village is a magnificent cocoon anchored on the rocky tor which supports the island CX.

The village of the Mosquibees rests in the caverns of their island in the Undergas. Populated mostly by mosquibees, the interior suits them more than outsiders. However, they have made concessions to those with the inability to fly. The village fills the entirety of the cave, with many different levels of walkways. This village is also host to the throne of Queen Astrid, who rules her colony fairly and wisely.


As with all outsiders, Twinsen is viewed with suspicion as he approaches the village of the Mosquibees. However, he is granted audience with Queen Astrid herself, as she recieved word of his coming. She proclaims to him that he must prove himself a mosquibee in order to gain her trust. To do so, he must enter the challenge room and prove his worth. Just after facing the challenge, the village falls under siege from the Emperor's troops.

Upon a subsequent return, after the mosquibees had been routed from their home, Twinsen was able to gain access to the island of CX, through a passage behind the queen's throne.


Queen Astrid
Throne Room
Challenge Room


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