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(Mosquibee) Island guarding the fragment



THE OFFICIAL RUMOR: The Emperor asserts: Dark Monk will fulfill the prophecy, whether or not the mosquibees are willing to bring their fragment!!!

This fragment of the Mosquibees' key is one of the elements which will permit you to piece together the key to Dark Monk's temple.

Connected by a suspension bridge to the "mainland" of the Island of the Mosquibees, this island was the true keeper of the Mosquibee key fragment. Once across the bridge, there is a moderately sized cavern with stockpiles of food and the random spider inbetween. The fragment was not in this cavern, but locked away in a small chest ontop of the island. To protect the key fragment from possible airborne assailants, the mosquibees set up a perimeter of spiked posts around the circumferance of the summit. Additionally, a creature from the Undergas is known to continually circle, waiting for anyone foolish enough to challenge him.


As part of unlocking the mystery that is Dark Monk, Twinsen was forced to find the four key fragments of each race on Zeelich. Here, on this island, he found the mosquibee fragment in the previously mentioned chest. However, the chest was locked, and he was forced to duel with the keeper of the key. Using the Wannie's glove, he was able to repel the fireballs back at the beast, eventually destroying it, and gaining the fragment.


Wannie's Glove
Mosquibees Fragment
Island of the Mosquibees


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