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Citadel Island: Beach Headland



Beach headland

The Esmers should come here. It feels so good to look for mushrooms. By the way, I wouldn't try to go swimming, it gets deep very rapidly.

The southern end of Citadel Island features a large, relaxing beach. Surrounded by a set of cliffs, the cove is partially visible from the lighthouse, and hidden from everything else. Sparatically, a crab wanders up onto the sands. Surprisingly, there are not many visitors to this secluded paradise, though a grobo can be found tanning himself after a hard day's work of mushroom hunting.


The beach headland was a 'safe zone' for Twinsen when Twinsun was occupied by Esmer forces. Additionally, a hidden cave which held the Horn of Gawley and Sendell's Medallion was here as well, before Dr. Funfrock had Twinsen's house destroyed.


Sendell's Medallion
Horn of Gawley


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