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Citadel Island: Bug Street



Bug street (Citadel Island)

Just north of the beach headland is Bug Street. Bug Street is the southern-most road in Lupin-burg and Citadel Island as a whole. This is where Twinsen's old house was and where his new house is today. Similarly, Mies Van der Rooh, the architect who worked on such buildings as Dr. Funfrock's Teleportation Center, also has his home on Bug Street.


Twinsen came and went through Bug Street during his adventures. Bug Street saw little in the way of military force from both Dr. Funfrock and the Esmers. Dr. Funfrock only positioned one or two clones and the Esmers deployed just two guards as well. Because of this, Twinsen was able to move around Bug Street with adequate freedom.


Twinsen's house
Van der Rooh's residence
Beach Headland


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