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Citadel Island: Cliffs



Access to the cliffs

Until the recent vanquishment of the Tralü, the highlands of Citadel Island were a generally feared place, while a strange attraction to some. It was upon the cliffs that the dreaded Citadel was built and where it's ruins still lie. Also, the weather wizard, Bersimon, lives among the cliffs as well, in his tent.

There are two caverns that run beneath the cliffs as well. One, which forms a labyrinth underneath Bersimon's tent, was home to the feared Tralü. Other points of interest are the Cliffs of the Woodbridge and the Ridge of the Flowers Circle.


Twinsen frequented the cliffs several times on his exploits. He was solely responsible for the defeat of the Tralü and the subsequent rescue of Raph, the lighthouse keeper. When Twinsen captured a Zeelichian shuttle, he crash landed in the cliffs, because he was unaccustomed to piloting the alien craft.




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