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Citadel Island: Harbour



I saw them at the port a little while ago. They were leaving for another island. It's strange, because prisoners usually stay at the Citadel.

During Funfrock's rule, the harbour of Citadel Island was, perhaps, the most heavily guarded location on the island, besides the Citadel itself. During those times, the ferry building had an adjorned warehouse attached to it as well. Rows of razorwire and barracades of sandbags were set up to control the movements of the travellers. The ferry, a much older model than what is in place today, would travel between Citadel and Principal Island several times a day.

Since then, the barracades and wires have been removed and Inter-Islands Ferry has taken over the functioning of the port. Additionally, the warehouse was removed and made into a home, for Paul, a grobo sailor on the ferry. For ten kashes, one can purchase a ticket to Port-Ludo in the White Leaf Desert.


In the early stages of Twinsen's adventures, before he had his own personal craft, he was commonly forced to make use of the ferrys that traveled to the neighboring islands. For him to attain a ferry ticket during Funfrock's rule, he was forced to align boxes in the warehouse for a lazy grobo instead of being able to simply buy a ticket. When the Esmers took control of the harbour, all ferrying between the islands ceased.


Harbour (Principal Island)


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