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Citadel Island: Chez Luc



I don't know where he is, but his buddies are at the pub "Chez Luc".
Owner of the Hacienda:

Sorry, but I've forbidden roof access since my colleague from Citadel Island had legal issues with a customer who took a bad dive in the cellar of his bar!

If you want Life or Magic points, you can get some from one of the vending machines on the bar.

I'm a bartender, you know, so I've have had my fill of bar jokes and strange stories!

Chez Luc is the only bar on Citadel Island. This bar saw tough times and was nearly shut down during Dr. Funfrock's sovereignty. Recently, however, it has thrived and business has been good. Besides drinks, life points, and magic points, Chez Luc also features a jukebox which plays the latest music. With two levels of seating, there is enough room to fit any occasion. And if not, then they'll go out into the streets.

Chez Luc was remodeled after Funfrock's fall. It used to allow visitors to go onto the roof of the establishment. It also had different colored tiling. The Esmers kicked everyone out of Chez Luc (including the local bar flies, Pat and Fab) and used it for their own enjoyment, some more than others. Chez Luc is run by its owner, Luc, and its waiter, Tim.


Chez Luc did not play a vital role in Twinsen's adventures until the subjegation of Citadel Island by the Esmers. However, valuable information could be discovered there before then. Twinsen found a hole in the floor of Chez Luc that lead to a secret room in the sewers beneath Lupin-burg. Once inside, Twinsen discovered Sendell's Ball hidden there by Bersimon.


Sendell's Ball


"Hmmm... Maybe yes, maybe no, maybe both... Might be able to tell you something about it... expensive, though... maybe 100 Zlitos... and maybe 'cause it's you." - Eccentric Captain of the Leontine

"I can't believe it! There are two of 'em in this cell! Open the doors! I'm gonna put the funny one in his own cell." - Security guard on Otringal
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