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Down under Zeelich’s gas layer is the undergas, a zone full of lava. The islands of the undergas are isolated from each other, and very few people know how to get from one island to another. The most common myth among the dwellers of the undergas is about a ferryman, who takes people from one island to another for a charge.
However, very few people know that the ferryman actually exists, and even less people know how to call him. One of the few people who know about the ferryman is a wannie who works as a maid at Mr. Monk’s house. She will teach whoever is interested the ferryman’s song, which is the song required to call the ferryman. The person singing this song at the wharf at Ferryman’s Lane in Wannies Island, the beach at Mosquibees Island or the edge of the Volcano Island will be met by the ferryman, who will then charge four gems for a trip. The ferryman will take whoever can meet the price around the undergas. The traveler can choose between Wannies Island, Mosquibees Island or the Volcano Island.
However, the ferryman’s character is very obscure. Very few is known about his personality, and it is rumored that he is a rather unfriendly wannie.
During his second adventure around Zeelich, Twinsen arrived at the undergas, where his main goal was to reach Mosquibees Island so that he could access Island CX. Wandering around the Wannies Island, he reached the Wannies Village, where he met Mr. Monk’s maid. The maid was friendly, and helped Twinsen by teaching him the Ferryman’s Song. Our hero then made his way to the wharf at Ferryman’s Lane, where he sang the song. In no time at all, the ferryman arrived, and asked Twinsen for his destination. Twinsen replied he must go to Island CX, and paid the ferryman the required amount of gems- four. The ferryman then took him to the Mosquibees Island, where our hero could continue his adventure. Later on, in his escape from the emperor’s attack on the island, Twinsen used the ferryman’s services again to get to the Volcano Island and to the Wannies Island.

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