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Magic Flute

When finding the flute:
You've just found a Magic Flute.
Inventory description:
Magic Flute. The enchanted melodies produced by this instrument can melt frozen Clear Water and make flowers grow in the desert.
Raymond the Elf:
If you play the flute there, you will find an important element of the prophecy.
The old man in the desert:
You will no longer need the flute, Twinsen. On the other hand, it might allow me to realize an old dream of mine. I'll trade you for this guitar that I found in the middle of a meteor.
I'll give you my guitar in exchange for the flute that you possess Twinsen, beforehand, though, you will have play it next to the Clear Water Lake in order to obtain the 4th magical symbol.
The Magic Flute, as you may understand from its name, is a flute with magic powers. Its magic is expressed in two ways: melting frozen water, and growing flowers in the desert.

Twinsen found the flute under one of the Runic Stones in Proxima Island. However, he did not find any use for it until later on in the game, when reaching Clear Water Lake in the Himalayi Mountains. There, he had to melt the frozen water in order to obtain a flask of clear water, one of the four elements of prophecy. With the aid of the flute, Twinsen melted the frozen water.
Later on, Twinsen had to bring a space guitar to a band playing in the Twinsun Café. Finding no further use for the flute, Twinsen traded it with the old rabbibunny in the desert for his guitar. With the flute, the old rabbibunny was able to fulfill an old dream of his- grow flowers in the desert.

Clear Water Lake
Flask with Clear Water
Old Rabbibunny in the Desert
Legend of Sendell


I have no idea what the name of the rabbibunny is, and I wasn't sure whether to relate it to the Legend of Sendell, but I did anyway.
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