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Downtown Pharmacy.
Twinsen, rush to the downtown pharmacy and find a cure for the Dino-Fly ! He has just crashed in the garden and looks injured.
Welcome, dear customer! I don't have any more cherry flavored syrup, but there is a pharmacy open on Citadel Island.
The pharmacy is a rather large building located at the centre of Lupin Burg, Citadel Island’s only city. It provides a wide range of medicines for any kind of sickness, including life candies and magic flasks. The place was being managed by a nurse quetch during FunFrock’s reign, replaced by a female rabbibunny later on.

In his first adventure, Twinsen needed a bottle of cherry syrup in order to change the water taste at Principal Island. Since there was none left on the island, he had to go back to the pharmacy at Citadel Island to get some. After killing a guard so that he could get the key, Twinsen entered the pharmacy, where he met the quetch pharmacist. The pharmacist, being afraid of Twinsen, immediately pressed the alarm button and called a supergro clone. Then, Twisnen had to be both fast and accurate, in order to defeat the clone before being sent back to the citadel. After he did so, it wasn’t too hard defeating the pharmacist as well, and then getting the cherry syrup he needed.
In his second adventure, having to cure Dino-Fly, the pharmacy was the first important building Twinsen had to visit. There, he disappointedly learned from the new pharmacist that the pharmacy does not provide anything for a Dino-Fly. However, Twinsen was lucky enough to be there just at the same time as a nice female sphero visited the place as well. After Twinsen got her umbrella back, Leone, that was the sphero’s name, helped Twinsen by sending him to the healing wizard in Desert Island.

After Twinsen defeated the quetch nurse in his first adventure, he was able to get free life candies and magic flasks from the pharmacy, as well as some money from the cashier.

Pharmacist (LBA 1)
Pharmacist (LBA 2)
Bottle of syrup
Life candy
Flasks of magic powder

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