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The small shop at the edge of Lupin Burg is owned by a grobo named Mr. Bazoo. There, the inhabitants of Citadel Island may purchase necessary items, ranging from the most basic items, like life candies and flasks of magic powder, to more rare ones, as a nitro-meca-penguin, darts or even a holomap. Sometimes, although quite rare, one may find there a flask of gallic acid. The prices at the shop are rather low, comparing with shops on other islands.

Although having no important role in his adventure, Twinsen went from time to time to the shop, in case he lacked some life candies or magic. However, it wasn’t very often that he came to this shop.

If Twinsen throws a Nitro-Meca Penguin in Mr. Bazoo’s bazaar, Bazoo will just run away, leaving the shop empty. Twinsen can then get an unlimited supply of free Penguins.

Life candy
Flasks of magic powder

Hlomap, my little LBA website.
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