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Beach Headland

Sign pointing to the beach:
[quote] "Beach headland."[/url]
By the way, I wouldn't try to go swimming, it gets deep very rapidly.
The beach headland is a pleasant, quiet place at the edge of Citadel Island, at which the inhabitants of the island can enjoy a nice, warm sun. Even though the water is rather deep and isn’t appropriate for swimming, most people still enjoy coming there just to rest. The beach is mainly the residence of Zed, who likes to come there after a long day of mushroom picking.

The beach did not play a role in either one of Twinsen’s adventure. During his first one, it was a rather remote zone behind his house, to which almost no one ever arrived. It was the passage, though, to the secret cave behind Twinsen’s house, where he found the Horn of Gawley and Sendell’s Medallion.
During Twinsen’s second adventure, the beach also played a very minor role. Twinsen actually had nothing to do there, unless of course he wished to meet his friend Zed.


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